Land Surveying Projects – Magnuson Corp, Louisiana Pacific

Magnuson Corp, Louisiana PacificTwo Harbors, MN

This project consisted of JPJ verifying steel beam locations horizontally and vertically that is used to support a large press.

JPJ Provided:

  • Verified horizontal locations of two beams placed with pre-drilled hole locations within 1 mm accuracy. Made any adjustments necessary.
  • Worked with the client/contractor to set the beams level within ±.03 mm.
    • We used a FARO Laser Tracker for this work.
    • We measured the top of beam heights with respect to a benchmark set onsite to determine real-time readings.
    • As the contractor made adjustments to the beam heights in approximately 6 locations along each beam, we took measurements continuously. This enabled the contractor to have immediate readings on the heights of the beam as it was moved.
    • Created an as-built survey showing the horizontal information and vertical elevations within a set tolerance for the beam heights.

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