Engineering Projects – Littlefork Main Street Reconstruction

Main Street Reconstruction
City Of Littlefork, MN

Community Needs
Trunk Highway 217 is the primary road connecting Littlefork with the rest of northern Minnesota. Beginning in the 1980s, this highway had significant drainage and grading problems for a ¾ mile stretch through main Street in Littlefork. The City procured us to partner and coordinate city infrastructure and streetscape for the MnDOT improvements on this state highway.

Maintaining Client Priority
Following an initial city funding request for these improvements, our staff worked consistently with five different MnDOT project managers over several years on bringing water and sewer replacements, as well as a streetscape design into the MnDOT design.

Long-Term Results
The city of Littlefork appreciated how our staff provided a persistent advocacy for their community’s needs and eventually procured funding of local improvements for this trunk highway project. The City of Littlefork continues to utilize us for a range of engineering projects.

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