Engineering Projects – Hibbing Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal Infrastructure
City of Hibbing, MN

JPJ completed a comprehensive analysis of sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation of 14 areas of concern in the City of Hibbing. A number of significant capital improvement projects resulted from the study. The following are 3 of the projects that resulted from the study that we provided the engineering design and construction management service for.

Park Inn/19th Street/4th Ave West Rehabilitation.
The project was the reconstruction of the main trunk line sanitary sewer across the northern portion of the City that warranted reconstruction. The sanitary sewer grade was lowered in elevation to eliminate flat grades of connecting laterals. The project included 12,450 feet of 42” diameter to 8” diameter sanitary sewer replacement, 2,010 feet of storm sewer replacement and urban reconstruction of city streets. The total construction cost was $4,190,000 and was phased during 4 construction seasons.

28th Street/7th Avenue East.
This area of Hibbing had significant storm water flooding and I/I issues and residents were experiencing water backups into basements on a regular basis. After a detailed storm water evaluation, the reconstruction of 1,040 feet of storm sewer and 800 feet of sanitary sewer allowed storm water to be directed into properly sized storm sewers relieving the area of severe flooding. The construction cost was $413,000.

Brooklyn Area Sanitary Sewer
The Brooklyn area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City of Hibbing and had significant infiltration and inflow in the existing sanitary sewer system. The engineering solution was to insure storm water was directed away from the sanitary sewers and to improve storm sewers and ditches. The project included reconstructing existing ditching, 1,150 feet of 48” storm sewer reconstruction and replacing 800 feet of 24” diameter and 12” diameter sanitary sewer in the area. The construction cost was $754,000.

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