Engineering Projects – Greenway Sports Complex

Greenway Sports Complex
City of Bovey, MN

Community Vision
The City of Bovey and the Ballfield Committee’s envision was to create a Sports Complex for a variety of sports in a centralized location. JPJ provided them with a Master Plan Concept that fit the community’s needs.

The Sports Complex Master Plan Concept utilized the ideas and draft layouts presented by the City of Bovey and the Ballfield Committee.

JPJ also provided:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Preliminary Grading Plan
  • Preliminary Site Plan

The design and construction of the football field, 2 softball fields and trail relocation was completed at a total project cost of $180,000.

JPJ is continuing to work with the City of Bovey and the Ballfield Committee with the future planning and eventual construction of additions to the Sports Complex.

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