Engineering Projects – Wastewater Collection System

Wastewater Collection System
Fayal Township, MN

Preserving Water Quality
With more than 700 homes located on four lakes in Fayal Township, preparing a manageable wastewater collection system would be a challenge. A creative alternative system to replace their failing septic systems would be needed to serve this large geographic area with the necessary wastewater collection and treatment services.

Project Management
Fayal Township procured us to assist with the preparation of a facility plan for PCA approval, grant writing, easement preparation, preliminary and final design and construction management of a $9M integrated collection system. The system would consist of over 110,000 feet of gravity sewer main, 47,000 feet of forcemain, 29 lift stations, service connections and site restoration. This project connects to a facility as part of a regional treatment system.

Protecting the Lakes
Residents on Ely Lake, St. Mary’s Lake, Horseshoe Lake and Long Lake now enjoy a manageable wastewater collection system while improving water quality of these lakes.

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