Engineering Projects – Cook Community Revitalization

Community Revitalization
City of Cook, Minnesota

Failing Infrastructure
Over the last 15 years the City of Cook’s infrastructure was rapidly deteriorating. Water mains were breaking due to the corrosive nature of native soils. The storm sewer system was failing due to corroded metal plugging the piping, causing localized flooding. Finally, sanitary sewer mains were allowing Inflow/Infiltration to enter the system, requiring sewage bypasses during heavy rainfalls.

Systematic Solutions
The City of Cook initiated a major revitalization program to replace 95 percent of the infrastructure over a 10+ year period. We were procured to assist the City with planning, civil engineering and grant-writing tasks to help solve these problems over several years. Utilities and streets were reconstructed in the replacement areas with modern methods and materials. Sidewalk reconstruction included truncated domes at intersections per ADA requirements.

Cost-Effective Revitalization

A majority of this revitalization was financed with $1.7 million in grants and $2.4 million in loans from the USDA and St. Louis County. Annual savings resulting from these improvements is estimated by the City of Cook to be between $30 – $50 K.

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