3D Laser Scanning Projects – Graymont Lime Facility

Graymont Lime Facility

JPJ Engineering provided the following 3D Laser Scanning services for the Graymont Lime Facility in Superior, WI:

  • Scanned the necessary area to be modeled with multiple set-ups
  • Located specific site features with a Robotic Total Station and GPS systems based on the Douglas County, WI coordinate system
  • Post Processed and Registered the scan stations to create the point cloud
  • Georeferenced the point cloud onto the Douglas County, WI coordinate system

  • Modeled the point cloud using our modeling software
  • Converted our site model into a Civil 3D Drawing
  • Combined the Robotic Total Station and GPS system site features into the model
  • Converted the Civil 3D Drawing into a compatible format for SolidWorks
  • Delivered items to the client for their use and received comments for additional modeling areas needed
  • Modeled additional areas, made the conversions, and delivered them to the client

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